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For rice, product under development

Drought and flood are two major factors limiting the productivity of rice crops in large areas of the world where population is growing rapidly. Koppert, striving to search for new alternatives to increase the yield, has developed a unique formulation that stimulates drought mitigation through enabling the crop to better withstand these abiotic stress factors.

Product investigation underwent a series of demonstration trials on both paddy rice and upland rice growing systems, in several countries with different climatic zones where some trials are concluded and others are still running.

See picture 1 (globe with dots showing where trials are implemented).

As both paddy and upland rice systems need total different approaches with respect to application time and technique, extensive field trials were conducted to establish the best seed treatment strategy for each of these two different rice production systems.

The preliminary yield and growth parameters obtained (stronger and more resilient seedlings characterized by more crop height, more root length, more emergence and more tillers per plant) look promising.

However, more trials need to be carried out in order to unlock the full potential that Panoramix can achieve in rice production.