Panoramix is a biological seed dressing that consists of a combination of plant growth promoting microorganisms and additives.

These plant growth promoting microorganisms colonize the roots and protect the crop during the entire growing season.


100% natural

Panoramix is 100% natural and entirely safe for both people and the environment.

Greater yields

Panoramix acts as a biostimulant: a treated crop becomes stronger and grows better.

Improved vigour

Panoramix improves crop vigour and makes the crop less susceptible to biotic stress.

Nutritional value

Panoramix contributes to greater nutritional value in crops.

Boosts resistance

Panoramix boosts the plant’s resistance to drought and other types of abiotic stress.

Less fertilizers

Panoramix reduces the need for fertilizers.

Useful fungi, bacteria and additives

The balanced mix of plant growth promoting microorganisms and additives ensure that Panoramix predictably performs well in various climatic circumstances. This mix of microorganisms brings about consistently positive results.

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For maize and wheat

Koppert has developed two products: for maize there is Panoramix Maize and Panoramix Wheat for wheat. Extensive tests have been done in various countries and climate zones. When used under suboptimal conditions, Panoramix treatment delivers extra advantages.

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Panoramix has been developed as a seed treatment product for on-farm use or for application by specialized companies (such as farmers’ cooperatives). For the best results with regard to the quality of the microorganisms, the seeds should be sown immediately after treatment.

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For rice, product under development

Drought and flood are two major factors limiting the productivity of rice crops in large areas of the world where population is growing rapidly. Koppert, striving to search for new alternatives to increase the yield, has developed a unique formulation that stimulates drought mitigation through enabling the crop to better withstand these abiotic stress factors.

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