The very best you can give to your seeds

Panoramix is a biological seed dressing that consists of a combination of plant growth promoting microorganisms and additives.

These plant growth promoting microorganisms grow along with the roots and protect the crop during the entire growing season.

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Directions for use

Panoramix is intended for seed dressing application and can be applied to raw seeds or pre-coated seeds (treated with chemicals). Panoramix’s special formulation makes it ready for use. No additional adhesives or other adjuvants need to be added.

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100% natural

Panoramix is 100% natural and entirely safe for both people and the environment.

Greater yields

Panoramix acts as a biostimulant: a treated crop becomes stronger and grows better.

Improved vigour

Panoramix improves crop vigour and makes the crop less susceptible to biotic stress.